Diesel Remaps in Knottingley

At C S Autos we offer re-mapping for a variety of vehicles.
We use two major remapping companies for our remaps.
Dimsport Technology. They are a well respected European remapper with the latest delivery systems and architecture. 

Secondy we use Viezu. 
Click on either of the images on the right to be taken to their respective websites to find out more about these companies.

What do you actually do to my car?
No actual hardware is changed during a remap. We just change the ignition timing, how much fuel and are mixed together and when the turbo kicks in etc. All these settings are stored as maps on your ECU (Engine Control Unit).
The whole process takes between an hour and 90 minutes with testing.

Is there any risk to my car?
Because all the work done on your car is localised to the ECU and is software based, this is a very low risk to your car. If anything goes wrong, we repair and replace. Just a quick look around the internet for "remap disasters" will show what a rare thing it is for anything to go wrong. Millions of cars and vans have been remapped.

Is "remapping" the same as "chipping?"
Chipping is in fact the older method of remapping. Chipping involved removing the ECU and remapping it directly, this came with more of a risk of damaging the ECU when it was removed.
Nowadays, the ECU is mapped in place, without removal. Far less dangerous than chipping.

Does it matter if my car is manual or automatic?
Not really, no. Similar gains can be seen across both gearbox options.

How could my vehicle benefit from a remap?
  • More power
  • Better power delivery
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better fuel economy through petrol and diesel engines
In fact, those are just the main benefits.
Call us on 01977 600630 and let us tell you what you can expect from a remap.